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Knoxville Instruments Company specialties is “On Site” Preventive Maintenance (PM’s) and service for Microscopes of all brands and types:

Compound Light
• Epifluorescence
• Phase Contrast
• Stereo
• Metallurgical

Microscopes are one of the most fragile instruments used in laboratories and require delicate use and care by end users.

It is strongly recommended by all microscope manufacturers that microscope end users have scheduled preventive maintenance and serviced using special lubricants and cleaned by a trained microscope technician at least yearly. Microscopes that are used daily or twice a week should have regular scheduled (PM’s) and service semi-annually.

Knoxville Instrument Company policy requires our technicians to complete a six (6) step procedure. Our procedures ensures your microscope is ready to assist laboratory technicians, medical professionals, research professionals in rendering accurate diagnostic testing.

After services are completed we will provide you with a service report showing your company name, address and deficiencies if any and corrective action taken. We will place a label on your microscope showing: our company name, address, phone number, date of service, next service due date, serial number of microscope and name of technician.

Our company provides the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (C.L.I.A.) compliance standards to all of our clients in Medical Centers, Medical Offices and Clinics that have quality assurance programs in place.

For 60 years, Knoxville Instrument Company has maintained a pristine record for customer service and microscope services.

Our customers span a wide range of industries including environmental, manufacturing, medical, food processing and research laboratories.


Experienced technicians perform a procedure that includes:

• Lens Inspection
• Alignment

Our compliance with CLIA regulations will meet the requirements of most laboratory quality systems. For more information on CLIA visit
All microscope manufacturers strongly recommend regular servicing by a trained technician. Proper care and maintenance is vital for the proper performance of these delicate instruments.


Knoxville Instrument Company understands the inconvenience of a broken or unreliable microscope. Our trained staff of technicians and engineers has over 60 years of microscope repair experience and we keep an inventory of optics, accessories and replacement parts on hand. We also have the ability to obtain fabricated parts for costly or obsolete models. We work diligently with each customer to find a convenient, cost effective repair solution.

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